About The Ship

We’re a running group in Austin, Texas that is affiliated with Austin Runners Club (ARC).  We have three organized runs per week (Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday).

The group is led by coach Al Cumming.

In general, we are an “intermediate” level group.  Our average pace for Saturday long runs is around 9 minutes per mile…pace range is 6-7 minutes per mile at the fast end up to 11-12 minutes per mile.  Chances are…we have someone running your pace!


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  1. Monday Motivator – Iram Leon {Fighting Brain Cancer One Foot in Front of the Other} Says:

    […] just fun. The training was honestly more important. Because there, my shipmates (I train with the Ship of Fools) would pick me up from work and take me to the workouts and home because of the driving […]

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