Email Subscription

It is no longer necessary to “subscribe” to this site via email subscription.  If you simply hit the “follow” button you will receive an email every time the site is updated.  This new process notifies you immediately as opposed to a one day delay so if you were using the old subscription service (google feedburner or other service) I suggest you unsubscribe to that method and simply “follow” the site instead.

The group also has an email list serve where you can communicate with other shipmates en masse using a single email address (  You have to be on the list to email the list.  Send an email to and ask to be put on the runner’s email list.

Do you need to be on both lists?  It’s up to you.  Following this web site will keep you up to date on the Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday workouts while the email list will keep you in the loop on race reports, people doing “extra” (ie adding miles before or after official workouts), social events, volunteer opportunities, and a wide range of other topics.

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