2013 Marathon Calendar

Listed below are the marathons that shipmates are considering for 2013, the average low and high temperature, and the primary contact for that race (clickable if you’d like to be added to the “in” list) as well as a complete list of shipmates that are tentatively in:

January 13, 2013, Houston Marathon (Houston, TX)
Weather: 45/63
Who’s In:  Summer, Ben, Joe T., Ashlee, Cristin, Clarissa, Dave, Paul W.

January 19, 2013Charleston Marathon (Charleston, SC)
Weather:  37/59
Who’s In:  Al, Sandy

January 20, 2013, Louisiana Marathon (Baton Rouge, LA)
Weather:  39/60
Who’s In:  Frank, Big, Sean, Scotty T.

February 17, 2013, Austin Marathon (Austin, TX)
Weather:  47/66
Who’s In:  Everybody!

March 3, 2013, Arbuckles to Ardmore (Ardmore, OK)
Weather: 43/65
Who’s In:  Al, Sandy

March 3, 2013, Napa Marathon (Napa, CA)
Weather:  41/62
Who’s In:  Paul W, Heather, Ray

March 9, 2013, Red Rock Canyon Marathon (Las Vegas, NV)
Weather:  44/69
Who’s In:  Al, Sandy

April 6, 2013Charlottesville Marathon (Charlottesville, VA)
Weather:  41/65
Who’s In: Al, Sandy

April 15, 2013, Boston Marathon (Boston, MA)
Weather: 41/57
Who’s In:  Robyn, Sam, Colin, Sean, Joe T., Frank, Vance, Nancy, Paul W., Russell, Michelle R., Theresa

May 5, 2013, Long Island Marathon (East Meadow, NY)
Weather:  49/65
Who’s In:  Al, Sandy

June 2, 2013, Comrades (Pietermaritzburg, South Africa)
Weather:  37/64
Who’s In:  Wayne, Dyana, Michelle, Cap’n Jim, Amber, Jeff, Frank

June 8, 2013, Marathon-to-Marathon (Marathon, IA)
Weather:  57/77
Who’s In:  Al, Sandy

June 8, 2013, Utah Valley Marathon (Provo, UT)
Weather: 52/83
Who’s In: Dave

June 9, 2013, Swan Lake Marathon (Viborg, SD)
Weather: 56/80
Who’s In:  Al, Sandy

June 29, 2013Leadville Trail Marathon (Leadville, CO)
Weather:  33/65
Who’s in:  Matt

July 14, 2013, Light At The End Of The Tunnel (North Bend, WA)
Weather:  53/75
Who’s In:  Big, Paul W., Al, Sandy, Penny, Jerie, Heather, Matt, Frank, Vance, Stefan

August 18, 2013Pikes Peak Marathon (Manitou Springs, CO)
Weather:  53/81
Who’s In:  Michelle, Cap’n Jim (ascent)

August 31, 2013, Pocatella Marathon (Pocatello, ID)
Weather:  51/87
Who’s In:  J

September 8, 2013Sioux Falls Marathon (Sioux Falls, SD)
Weather:  49/73
Who’s In:  Al, Sandy

September 14, 2013, Big Cottonwood Marathon (Sandy, UT)
Weather:  54/80
Who’s in:  Michelle, Jim, Hills

October 5, 2013, St. George Marathon (St. George, UT)
Weather:  36/65
Who’s In:  Big, Colin, Sean, Amber, Dave S.

October 6, 2013Rockfest Marathon (Hampton, NH)
Weather:  42/61
Who’s In:  Al, Sandy

October 6, 2013, Twin Cities Marathon (Minneapolis, MN)
Weather:  43/62
Who’s In: Jerie, Michelle, Robyn, Joe T.

October 12, 2013, Bemidji Blue Ox Marathon (Bemidji, MN)
Weather:  33/53
Who’s In:  Keith

October 26, 2013, Marathon 2 Marathon (Marathon, TX)
Weather:  41/69
Who’s In:  Paul W.

October 26, 2013, Frankenthon (Cedar Park, TX)
Weather:  60/81
Who’s In:  Frank

October 27, 2013, Marine Corps Marathon (Arlington, VA)
Weather:  40/65
Who’s In:  Megan

November 2, 2013Midsouth Marathon (Wynne, AR)
Weather:  49/68
Who’s In:  Al, Sandy

November 3, 2013, New York Marathon (New York, NY)
Weather:  45/58
Who’s In:  Sean, Joe T., Boz, April, Zach

November 9, 2013, Santa Barbara Marathon (Santa Barbara, CA)
Weather:  46/70
Who’s In:  Jim G., Senthil, David G. (mini)

December 8, 2013BCS Marathon (College Station, TX)
Weather: 43/64

Who’s In:  Jim G.

December 14, 2013, Rocket City Marathon (Huntsville, AL)
Weather:  35/54

Who’s In:  Al, Sandy

December 29, 2013, Jacksonville Bank Marathon (Jacksonville, FL)
Weather:  43/61
Who’s In:  Allegra, Ryan (mini)


4 Responses to “2013 Marathon Calendar”

  1. Penny Lane Says:

    Big – please add me to the Tunnel. thanks

  2. michelle ryan Says:

    Add me to Boston Big!

  3. Theresa Says:

    Add Theresa to Boston also. Thanks!

  4. Tuesday 10/1/2013 | The Ship of Fools Says:

    […] more importantly it’s the first Tuesday of the month!  With three different marathons on the calendar this weekend along with the first race of the Distance Challenge, you guys kept Dr. Jonathan busy. […]

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