2016 Marathon Calendar

Listed below are the marathons that shipmates are considering for 2016, the average low and high temperature, and the primary contact for that race (clickable if you’d like to be added to the “in” list) as well as a complete list of shipmates that are tentatively in:

January 3, 2016, Camarillo Marathon (Camarillo, CA)
Weather:  44/65
Who’s In:  Robyn

January 17, 2016, Maui Oceanfront Marathon (Maui, HI)
Weather:  64/81
Who’s In:  Al, Sandy

January 17, 2016, Houston Marathon (Houston, TX)
Weather: 45/63
Who’s In:  Higgis, William, Jim G., Jesus, Joe T., Patrick, Sean, Susan

January 17, 2016, Louisiana Marathon (Baton Rouge, LA)
Weather:  39/60
Who’s In:  Frank, Vance, Julie S., Prince, Dish, Chuck, Marisa B.

February 14, 2016, Austin Marathon (Austin, TX)
Weather:  47/66
Who’s In:  Everybody

March 13, 2016, Tobacco Road Marathon (Cary, NC)
Weather:  39/62
Who’s In:  Prince

April 10, 2016, Big D Marathon (Dallas, TX)
Weather:  57/75
Who’s In:  Amber L.

April 16, 2016, Garmin Marathon (Olathe, KS)
Weather:  45/65
Who’s In:  Big, Jerie

April 18, 2016, Boston Marathon (Boston, MA)
Weather:  41/57
Who’s In:  Boz, Matt, PENNY!, Sandy, Joe T., Dick, Sean, Robyn, Sandy L., Pete, Frank

May 1, 2016, Flying Pig Marathon (Cincinnati, OH)
Weather:  48/71
Who’s In:  Vance, Jim G., C (mini)

May 1, 2016, Colorado Marathon (Fort Collins, CO)
Weather:  40/66
Who’s In:  Carol

June 12, 2016, Light At The End Of The Tunnel (North Bend, WA)
Weather:  39/54
Who’s In:  Laura, Jim G., Hannah, Steph, Liz, Lily, Brian O.

June 18, 2016Leadville Trail Marathon (Leadville, CO)
Weather:  33/65
Who’s In:  Matt

July 10, 2016, Maraton Ecologica Ec0-Coban (Guatemala)
Weather: no clue but I’m guessing hot
Who’s In:  Robyn

July 31, 2016, San Francisco Marathon (San Francisco, CA)
Weather:  54/66
Who’s In:  Jim G., Eric

September 10, 2016, Last Chance 26.2 BQ Marathon (Chicago, IL)
Weather:  60/78
Who’s In:  Jenny

September 18, 2016, Light At The End Of The Tunnel (North Bend, WA)
Weather:  52/70
Who’s In:  Laura, Chelsea, Hannah, Gina, Tony, Jody

September 24, 2016, Lake Georgetown Marathon (Georgetown, TX)
Weather:  74/94
Who’s In:  Matt, Nancy N.

September 25, 2016, Berlin Marathon (Berlin Germany)
Weather:  43/57
Who’s In:  Big, Colin, Frank, Jerie, Megan, LB

October 1, 2016, St. George Marathon (St. George, UT)
Weather:  36/65
Who’s In:  J, Joe T.

October 9, 2016, Long Beach Marathon (Long Beach, CA)
Weather:  60/78
Who’s In:  Robyn

October 15, 2016, Baltimore Marathon (Baltimore, MD)
Weather:  46/67
Who’s In:  Amber L.

October 22, 2016Frankenthon (Cedar Park, TX)
Weather:  60/81
Who’s In:  Frank

November 5, 2016, Indianapolis Marathon (Indianapolis, IN)
Weather:  39/58
Who’s In:  Mike A.

November 6, 2016New York Marathon (New York, NY)
Weather:  45/58
Who’s In:  Penny, Mary Christine

November 20, 2016, Tulsa Route 66 Marathon (Tulsa, OK)
Weather:  38/59
Who’s In:  Matt

December 4, 2016, End of the World Marathon (Belize)
Weather: 60/85
Who’s In:  Robyn

December 4, 2016, California International (Sacramento, CA)
Weather:  42/51
Who’s In:  Sandy L.

December 4, 2016, San Antonio Marathon (San Antonio, TX)
Weather: 43/66
Who’s In:  Nancy N.

December 11, 2016BCS Marathon (College Station, TX)
Weather: 43/64
Who’s In:  Jim G.

December 17, 2106, 3 Bridges Marathon (Little Rock, AR)
Weather:  33/52
Who’s In:  Vance


5 Responses to “2016 Marathon Calendar”

  1. Thursday 10/2/2014 | The Ship of Fools Says:

    […] about every weekend for the rest of the year.  The 2015 calendar is brimming with activity and the 2016 calendar has a few entries as […]

  2. Thursday 5/14/2015 | The Ship of Fools Says:

    […] have been many adjustments to the marathon calendar for both 2015 and 2016 lately.  Take a minute to peruse and let me know if you should be added or removed from any […]

  3. Sandy Lechtenberg Says:

    Can you add me to the Boston Marathon for 2016? Thanks!

  4. Carol Fichera Says:

    I will be running the Colorado Marathon on May 1st, if you could add me to the list….thanks!

  5. Sandy Lechtenberg Says:

    I’m running California International Marathon on Dec 4th. Anyone else running this one?

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