2018 Marathon Calendar

Listed below are the marathons that shipmates are considering for 2018, the average low and high temperature, and the primary contact for that race (clickable if you’d like to be added to the “in” list) as well as a complete list of shipmates that are tentatively in:

January 14, 2018, Houston Marathon (Houston, TX)
Weather: 45/63
Who’s In:  Martin, Nick, Vania, Ross

February 18, 2018, Austin Marathon (Austin, TX)
Weather:  47/66
Who’s In:  Everybody

March 3, 2018, Snickers Energy Bar Marathon (Albany, GA)
Weather: 43/68
Who’s In:  Big, Jerie

March 4, 2018, Run the Alamo (San Antonio, TX)
Weather:  48/71
Who’s In:  Jason

March 18, 2018, LA Marathon (Los Angeles, CA)
Weather: 51/70
Who’s In:  Paul T.

April 16, 2018, Boston Marathon (Boston, MA)
Weather:  41/57
Who’s In:  Vance, Frank, Dick, Dasso, Robyn, Greg S., Joe T., Sean, Higgi

April 29, 2018, Big Sur Marathon (Monterey, CA)
Weather:  47/64
Who’s In:  Jen

May 6, 2018, Orange County Marathon (Costa Mesa, CA)
Weather:  57/71
Who’s In:  Anayeli

June 10, 2018, Light At The End Of The Tunnel (North Bend, WA)
Weather:  51/68
Who’s In:  Paul T., Nick, Erica, Romeo, Laura S., Abi, Vania, Irene, Kelly, Scott, Michelle, Mike A., Justin, Cat W., Heath

August 19, 2018, Light At The End Of The Tunnel (North Bend, WA)
Weather:  56/75
Who’s In:  Dasso

October 7, 2018, Chicago Marathon (Chicago, IL)
Weather:  49/68
Who’s In:  Marysol, Julie

October 28, 2018, Marine Corps Marathon (Arlington, VA)
Weather:  40/65
Who’s In:  Amber

November 4, 2018New York Marathon (New York, NY)
Weather:  45/58
Who’s In:  Clarissa, Jen, Rachel

December 2, 2018, California International (Sacramento, CA)
Weather:  42/51
Who’s In:  Robyn


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