Saturday Breakfast Places

A big part of our Saturday Long Run ritual is breakfast!  We rotate through a variety of establishments…some, but not all, listed below.  There are a few places we’ve “decided” not to return to and we’re adding new ones all the time!

Austin Diner – relatively new to the rotation but building a solid reputation!

Cafe Express – order and pay at the counter (aka Jack proof)

Casa Garcia – “progress” knocked their old building down at 1000 S Lamar…the web site says it’s coming back so we’ll wait

Cheko’s – breakfast served until noon…just in case you’re doing extra.

Dario’s – love this place…even with their “new”, more expensive menu!

El Gallo – home of the little meats!

Freddie’s Place – real good breakfast…priced in pennies.

Galaxy Cafe – somewhat new to the rotation but getting a nice fan following.

Hoover’s – what’s not to like about chicken etouffee and biscuits for breakfast??

Juan-in-a-Million – definitely one of our favorites until Man vs Food messed it up.  It’s nearly impossible to find a table now!  Good for Juan, bad for the ship.

Kerbey Lane UT – the few times the weather has been too nasty to run in…we’ve skipped the run and come straight here!

La Feria – ok, so we have no shortage of tex-mex!!

La Reyna – here you can eat…and take some fresh baked goods with you to go!

Little Mexico – Fast Jack’s favorite!

Magnolia Cafe (South) – we have a love/hate thing going with Magnolia…

Maria’s Taco Express – new (to us) and yummy!

Maudie’s (S Lamar) – a recent addition and one that will no doubt become a mainstay!

Sazon – will they ever get through with their “construction project”?  *Removed*

Taqueria Arandas (2448 S 1st) – very good tacos and easy on the wallet

Taqueria Chapala – brush up on your Spanish…no habla englais aqui!!

Waterloo – we’ve been frequenting the location on 38th for a while but it wasn’t listed on the site.  Now it is!


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