2014 Marathon Calendar

Listed below are the marathons that shipmates are considering for 2014, the average low and high temperature, and the primary contact for that race (clickable if you’d like to be added to the “in” list) as well as a complete list of shipmates that are tentatively in:

January 19, 2014, Louisiana Marathon (Baton Rouge, LA)
Weather:  39/60
Who’s In:  Al, Sandy, Frank, Penny, Doug, Heather (mini)

January 19, 2014, Houston Marathon (Houston, TX)
Weather: 45/63
Who’s In:  Joe T., Aerin, Eliot, Malka (mini), Boz

February 8, 2014, Mississippi River Marathon (Greenville, MS)
Weather:  37/60
Who’s In:  Al, Sandy

February 16, 2014, Austin Marathon (Austin, TX)
Weather:  47/66
Who’s In:  Everybody!

March 2, 2014, Napa Marathon (Napa, CA)
Weather:  41/62

Who’s In:  Shannon, Sean, Heather

March 8, 2014, Gusher Marathon (Beaumont, TX)
Weather:  51/70
Who’s In:  J

March 16, 2014, Seabrook Lucky Trail Marathon (Seabrook, TX)
Weather:  52/70
Who’s In:  Michelle

March 23, 2014, Bataan Memorial Death March (White Sands, NM)
Weather:  33/73
Who’s In:  Allegra, Ryan, Carter, Janet, Al, Sandy, Matt

March 30, 2014, Arbuckles to Ardmore (Ardmore, OK)
Weather: 43/65
Who’s In:  Penny, April, Hannah

April 21, 2014, Boston Marathon (Boston, MA)
Weather: 41/57
Who’s In:  Colin, Jerie, Robyn, Vance, Michelle, Big, Ben, Tony, Paul, Andrew, Frank, Joe T., Sean

April 27, 2014, Crossroads of Indiana Marathon (Lowell, IN)
Weather:  35/46
Who’s In:  Al, Sandy

April 27, 2014, Oklahoma City Marathon (Oklahoma City, OK)
Weather:  53/75
Who’s In:  Laura, Jesus, Evan, Andrea

May 4, 2014, Orange County Marathon (Costa Mesa, CA)
Weather:  57/71
Who’s In:  Robyn

May 4, 2014, Toronto Marathon (Canada)
Weather:  47/62
Who’s In:  Jim G., David L., Sue

May 14, 2014, Red Island Marathon (Warwick, RI)
Weather:  48/68
Who’s In:  Al, Sandy

May 15, 2014, Nutmeg State Marathon (Hartford, CT)
Weather:  45/70
Who’s In:  Al, Sandy

May 16, 2014, Old Colony Marathon (Springfield, MA)
Weather:  45/66
Who’s In:  Al, Sandy

May 18, 2014, Shires of Vermont Marathon (Manchester, VT)
Weather:  38/72
Who’s In:  Al, Sandy

May 18, 2014, Poconos Run for the Red (Stroudsburg, PA)
Weather:  43/63
Who’s In:  Penny, Elaine, Dyana

May 24, 2014, Bayshore Marathon (Traverse City, MI)
Weather:  44/68
Who’s In:  Nick, Yasmin, Amber, Jeff

May 25, 2014, Memorial Day Marathon (Lenox, MA)
Weather:  46/69
Who’s In:  Tom

June 14, 2014Utah Valley Marathon (Provo, UT)
Weather:  50/73
Who’s In:  Al, Sandy

July 13, 2014, Missoula Marathon (Missoula, MT)
Weather: 50/81
Who’s In:  Megan

July 13, 2014, Light At The End Of The Tunnel (North Bend, WA)
Weather:  53/75
Who’s In:  Amber, Jeff, Scotty T., Paul

July 19, 2014, Aspen Marathon (Aspen, CO)
Weather:  48/81
Who’s In:  Jerie, Vance

July 27, 2014, Frank Maier Marathon (Juneau, AK)
Weather:  64/51
Who’s In:  Al, Sandy

August 30, 2014, Marquette Marathon (Marquette, MI)
Weather:  72/57
Who’s In:  Al, Sandy

September 13, 2014, Big Cottonwood Marathon (Sandy, UT)
Weather:  54/80
Who’s in:  Vance, Paul W.

September 27, 2014, Grand Lake Marathon (Celina, OH)
Weather:  50/72
Who’s In:  Al, Sandy

October 4, 2014, St. George Marathon (St. George, UT)
Weather:  36/65
Who’s In:  Big, Colin, Joe T., Higgi, Frank, Jerie, Michelle, Cap’n, Karim, Penny, Boz

October 5, 2014, Portland Marathon (Portland, OR)
Weather:  48/69
Who’s In:  Bernadette

October 5, 2014, Twin Cities Marathon (Minneapolis, MN)
Weather:  43/62
Who’s In: Robyn

October 12, 2014, Chicago Marathon (Chicago, IL)
Weather:  49/68
Who’s In:  Shirley, Beth, Shannon

October 18, 2014, Monster Mash Marathon (Dover, DE)
Weather:  49/66
Who’s In:  Al, Sandy

October 18, 2014Frankenthon (Cedar Park, TX)
Weather:  60/81
Who’s In:  Frank, Sean

October 19, 2014, Mount Desert Island Marathon (Bar Harbor, ME)
Weather: 43/59
Who’s In: Tom

October 26, 2014, Marine Corps Marathon (Arlington, VA)
Weather:  40/65
Who’s In:  Steve, Susan

November 2, 2014, BG Marathon (Bowling Green, KY)
Weather:  42/65
Who’s In:  Al, Sandy

November 2, 2014New York Marathon (New York, NY)
Weather:  45/58
Who’s In:  Amber, Jeff, Colin, Michelle, J, Kate

November 15, 2014, Richmond Marathon (Richmond, VA)
Weather:  41/64
Who’s In:   Jim G.

December 7, 2014, End of the World Marathon (Belize)
Weather: 60/85
Who’s In:  Robyn

December 7, 2014, Holualoa Tucson Marathon (Oracle, AZ)
Weather:  35/57
Who’s In:  Big

December 13, 2014, Brazos Bend 100 (Needville, TX)
Weather:  44/66
Who’s In:  Boz

December 14, 2014BCS Marathon (College Station, TX)
Weather: 43/64
Who’s In:  Jim G., David L., Matt, Eliot, Joe T., Malka (mini)

December 14, 2014, Dallas Marathon (Dallas, TX)
Weather:  38/56
Who’s In:  Ryan, Paul W., Vance (mini), Maisie, Lance

December 26, 2014, Festivus Marathon (Cedar Park, TX)
Weather:  Awesome
Who’s In:  It’s FREE!  Brushy Creek Park, 8:00 am


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  1. Thursday 6/19/2014 | The Ship of Fools Says:

    […] the marathon year half over, now is a good time to review the 2014 Marathon Calendar and let me know if any changes need to be made on your behalf.  Way to coach, […]

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