2017 Marathon Calendar

Listed below are the marathons that shipmates are considering for 2017, the average low and high temperature, and the primary contact for that race (clickable if you’d like to be added to the “in” list) as well as a complete list of shipmates that are tentatively in:

January 15, 2017, Houston Marathon (Houston, TX)
Weather: 45/63
Who’s In:  Dish, Abi, Grant, Samantha, Nancy N., Clarissa, Martin, Jim G.

February 19, 2017, Austin Marathon (Austin, TX)
Weather:  47/66
Who’s In:  Everybody

April 17, 2017, Boston Marathon (Boston, MA)
Weather:  41/57
Who’s In:  Matt, Robyn, Colin, Frank, Joe T., Mary Christine, Dr. Dugan, Anayeli, Jim G., Dick

April 30, 2017, Big Sur Marathon (Monterey, CA)
Weather:  47/64
Who’s In:  Nancy N.


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