Tuesday 4/13/2010

There were a ton of impressive times posted by the group at the Cap 10k over the weekend.  Many PRs…some by very wide margins!  Russell knocked out the equivalent of 5 10ks by running a 50k the weekend before (#1 Overall Masters).  Way to coach, Al!

The Workout – 1000s and maybe a 2000 @ RLRF pace
Fun Group = 2×1000
Fast Group = 1×1000, 1×2000, 1×1000
PMTG/JimiTex = 1×1000, 1×2000, 2×1000

News – there will be a mansion loop today departing Sandy’s magnificent castle at 6:00:00 pm.  There will be a hill workout on Thursday.  Hilly 5 mile tempo.  You may remember this little doozy from March 9th…time to check your progress!  There will be a long run Saturday departing the zero at 7:00:00 am.  11 miles via Expo and Scenic.  7 if you turn around at Windsor.  PMTG will be rocking a 21.32 miler from the zero at 5:30:00 am.  Breakfast at Dario’s (1800 E 6th St.) at 9:03:03 am.

Run every chance you get!


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