Tuesday 5/21/2013

At some point during tonight’s workout a shipmate’s car was broken into.  The contents of a wallet and cell phone were stolen.  It appears the perp went through keys that were left in the bed of the truck and pushed buttons until a nearby car unlocked allowing them to gain access.  All of this occurred DURING the workout while the group was just a few yards away.  Please keep this in mind when storing your keys in the back of the truck during workouts.

The Workout – Yasso 800s plus 3 person relay
Fun Group = 4 Yassos plus 3 person relay
Fast Group = 5 Yassos plus 3 person relay
Put Your Name On It = 6 Yassos plus 3 person relay (way to go, Shaun)

News – there will be a Summer Stampede Wednesday night departing Brushy Creek at 7:00 pm.  There will be a hill workout on Thursday (repeats).  There will be a long run departing Sandy’s Mansion at 7:00:00 am Saturday for 5.37 or 9.32 miles.  There will be some fools starting at 6:00 am for 5.06 extra.  Breakfast at the mansion as soon as you’re done running!

More News – the Austin Runners Club Spring Party and Board elections are next Wednesday, May 22nd, at Hill Country Running (215 S Lamar).  Nominate yourself or someone you love (who you’re sure will accept the nomination) for a board position, vote, eat, drink, and shop (special discounts offered during the party).  RSVP now!

Run every chance you get!

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