Week of 5/31/2020

As you’ve, no doubt, heard/read we are looking forward to restarting the SATURDAY LONG RUN ONLY this coming Saturday, June 6th. The track and hill/tempo workouts are still in a holding pattern. If you’re healthy and ready to run in a group of 10 or less mind your inbox later this week. Prior to that run you will need to sign a new waiver. Two waiver choices:

  1. Click here, print, sign, scan and email back to me.
  2. Email me and I’ll send you an esign version.

Speed – Yasso 800s (does not have to be on a track). Warm up with drills and 6 x 80m strides then run your 800s at your marathon goal time (hours:minutes) converted to (minutes:seconds). For example, if you run a 4:05 marathon your 800 should be run at 4 minutes and 5 seconds.
Fun Group = 6 x 800
Fast Group = 8 x 800
Both groups cool down with an easy mile. Strava label = SPEED.

Tempo – warm up with drills and 6 x 80m strides then run 5 hard miles (fast group) or 3 hard miles (fun group) followed by an easy mile cool down. Strava label = TEMPO.

Long – please email Coach Al and let him know if you will lead a pace group on Saturday as we restart our Saturday run with pace groups of 10 or less people starting at various points along this 10.46 mile route (fast group) or (fun group) do an out and back of any distance from any spot along the course. Strava label = LONG.

Run every chance you get!

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