Week of 6/14/2020

Mega thanks, again, to everyone who stepped up to lead a pace group on Saturday! You’re awesome!! Please let Coach Al know if you will be a pace group leader this Saturday morning…and wish him a happy birthday while you’re at it!!!

Speed (does not have to be done on a track) – warm up with an easy mile followed by 4 x 1600 at 10k pace and then cool down with another easy mile (Strava label SPEED)

Tempo – warm up with 8 x 80m strides then run an out/back of 6 miles (fast group) or 4 miles (fun group) with the back portion faster than the out portion then cool down with an easy mile (Strava label TEMPO)

Long Run – fast group = 10.96 miles, fun group = 5.12 miles…by running the Town Lake portion of the 10.96 mile map (Strava label = LONG)

Run every chance you get!

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