Week of 8/30/2020

Many, many thanks to the pace group leaders for stepping up and continuing to make our limited restart a success! Let’s keep it going!! Let Coach Al know if you can lead a group this Saturday (it’s Labor Day Weekend, by the way).

Congrats to TJ, Robyn, and Tony Z for bringing it home during the 500k August Challenge and walking away with $100, $50, and $25 gift cards to Ready to Run, respectively! I would say don’t spend it all in one place but you kinda have too. Mega thanks to Michelle for doing nearly, if not actually, 100% of the work to make it happen!!

Speed – (does not have to be done on a track) warm up with an easy mile then (half marathoners) run 2 x 1600 with the second faster than the first or (marathoners) run 3 x 1600 with each one faster than the last then (both groups) cool down with an easy mile (Strava label = SPEED)

Tempo – (really a hill workout this week) warm up with an easy mile then find a road or a couple of roads that roll with a net decline and run down at half marathon pace then run back up faster than your ran down then cool down with an easy mile (Strava label = TEMPO)

Long – Half marathoners = 8 miles, Marathoners = 13 miles (half marathoner’s 8 miler plus this 5 miler) (Strava label = LONG)

Run every chance you get!

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