Tuesday 9/29/2009

There was a football game at O. Henry so the group took it a little north on Exposition to Bridle Path (this is “Plan B” whenever there is an official school function that coincides with a Tuesday/Thursday workout).  Bridle Path is a little hilly so “Tuesday” immediately became “Thursday”.

The Workout – Yasso 800s
Fast Group = 6
Fun Group = 5

News – M2MTG will be doing Scenic tomorrow (sans Big) departing the rock at 4ish.  There will be a hill workout (what another one??) on Thursday.  There will be a long run on Saturday departing the zero at 7 am.  Austin Marathoners are scheduled for 14 miles on the trail.  M2MTG will doing a 21.74 miler following this route (the northern part of the Austin Marathon course):  http://www.usatf.org/routes/view.asp?rID=319720.  There will be Gatorade/water on the 21.74 mile route every two miles (roughly).  M2MTG departure time from the zero will be 5:15 am.  Breakfast at Little Mexico (2304 S 1st) at 9:40:59.

Good luck to those running St. George this weekend (Allegra, Frank, Scott, and Paul Williams)!!  If you’re running it and you’re not listed…please reply so we can send you some good vibes as well!

Way to coach, Al!
Run every chance you get!


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