Thursday 10/1/2009

Hello October!  While I’m sure we were all hoping that September would take the crap weather with it when it left…it was not to be.  Coach Al, however, came through in fine fashion with a pseudo-flat mile route to compensate for the less than flat “track” workout that we did on Bridle Path on Tuesday.  Way to coach, Al!!

The Workout – Mile Repeats @ marathon pace
James/Russell Group = 6
Fast Group = 3
Fun Group = 2
Newcomers/Returners/Tapering/Recovering/Injured = 1

News – there will be a long run Saturday departing the zero mark at 7 am sharp.  On the trail this week for 4, 7, 10, or 14 (for the Austin Marathoners).  Breakfast at Little Mexico (2304 S 1st) at 9:40:59.  M2MTG will be departing the zero at 5:15 am for a 21+ miler on the north part of the Austin Marathon course.  There will be liquids at the following spots:

Mile 2 – water @ the rock
Mile 4 – gatorade (the awesome orange stuff)
Mile 6 – gatorade (more of the awesome orange stuff)
Mile 8 – gatorade (probably lemon/lime)
Mile 10 – water @ the baseball fields
Mile 12 – gatorade (probably lemon/lime)
Mile 14 – gatorade (probably lemon/lime)
Mile 16 – water @ the UT intramural fields
Mile 18 – gatorade (probably lemon/lime)

Come on cold front!!

Run every chance you get!


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