Thursday 12/10/2009

Relatively small group due to many in severe taper mode for marathons this weekend and, oh yeah, it was real cold out there!!!

The workout – Fartleks on the Hills – running a 1200M rectangle (one direction followed by reverse direction for a 2400M total) of Possum Trot, 8th, Meriden and 12th – starting point @ Possum Trot & 12th – change speed point every 400M @ Possum Trot & 8th and Meriden & 10th and the starting point. Confused???  Me too!!! 

(1st 400M fast, 2nd 400M slow, 3rd 400M fast, 4th 400M slow, 5th 400M fast, 6th 400M slow) = 1 set

Fun group = 1.5 sets

Fast group = 2 sets

JimiTex Discount group = 2.5 sets

Good luck to Vance, Frank, Scott T., Big, TJ, Allegra, C/M, Dyana, Ryan F., Michelle R., James, Marathonman, Sandy and Al at Dallas White Rock!!!

Good luck to POJ at Tucson!!!

Doug Engle will coach up the Saturday morning Ship that will leave the zero at 7:00:00 am for a 20-miler on the trail for the HMTG & the AMTG.  Non-marathoners will run 4, 7 or 10 on the trail.

Breakfast place & time TBA by Doug!!!

Run every chance you get!!!

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