Tuesday 12/22/2009

In Al’s absence, I coached tonight’s workout.  Again, it was a quality workout with only about 15 shipmates in attendance (I guess the ladies heard Al wasn’t going to be there, so why bother?). 

We did a timed mile.  No one had a PR, but Heather claimed a PW, so that was good enough to proceed.  Next, an indian-file mile, and finally a 3-person relay with each person running a total of two laps. 

News & Notes:
1.  No workout on Thursday night.
2.  AMTG has a 21-miler on Saturday and will run the attached Austin Marathon course north route starting at the zero and running across South 1st St. bridge http://www.youraustinmarathon.com/images/stories/course/raceroute-2010.pdf  The non-marathoners will run the north half marathon route for an 8 mile run.  Water stops will be at Mopac bridge (water), along Enfield (PowerAde), on Jackson (PowerAde), Great Northern at the ball fields (water), Arroyo Seco (PowerAde at the little shopping center), Red River (PowerAde) – that’s about 3 to 4 miles between most stops.
3. Breakfast will be at 8:40 am for the non-marathoners and 11:00 am for AMTG.  Location TBD by each group.
4.  Ryan and I announced our engagement at tonight’s workout!


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