Tuesday 4/6/2010

Last night there were a record 18 cups left scattered on the truck after the workout.  Stashing a cup for continued use during the workout is awesome, green, and economical…just throw yours away when the workout is over.

The Workout – 1200 Meter Repeats
Newcomers = 2
Fun Group = 3
Fast Group = 4
JimiTex/PMTG = 6

News – there will be a hill workout on Thursday.  TEN Mile Tempo following this route:
There will be maps and turn by turn directions available at the workout.  There will also be water/gatorade at the halfway point.  There may even be a shorter route available if 10 miles doesn’t tickle your fancy.  There will be a long run on Saturday departing the zero at 7:00:00 am.  On the trail this week for 4, 7, or 10.  PMTG will be doing 5 extra departing the zero at 6:10:00 am.  Breakfast at Galaxy Cafe (West Lynn) at 8:51:12 am.

More News – Shakedown is playing a double header this week!  Friday 4/9 from 7:30 pm to 11:30 pm at Roadhouse Bar & Grill in Round Rock and Saturday 4/10 from 9:30 pm to 1:30 am at Hayashi in Cedar Park.

Run every chance you get!


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