Tuesday 7/31/2012

And with that, we bid July adieu!  It was a tad over one hundred degrees and, as usual, that drove the group numbers up about as high as they’ve been so far this summer.  Six gallons of water and four gallons of gatorade devoured.  We had an interesting run in with a Travis County election official.  Apparently we were blocking her view of the much feared and maligned “no electioneering beyond this point” line (which was unoccupied at the time by anyone outside of our group).  With a minimum of bloodshed we were able to reposition ourselves to her satisfaction.  Way to coach, Al!

The Workout –
Fast Group = timed mile, indian file mile, half mile
Fun Group = timed mile, indian file mile, quarter mile

News – there will be a FINAL Stampede departing just below I-35 at 7:00 pm on Wednesday.  There will be a hill workout on Thursday (repeats).  There will be a long run on Saturday departing SANDY’S MANSION at 7:00:00 am.  Routes of 9.92 or 5.37 miles followed by FREE breakfast at the mansion followed by a FREE tour of an archeological dig just a short hop from the mansion.  What’s better than that??

More News – one week from today there should be a nice influx of newcomers to the group.  Please make them feel welcome!

Yet More News Still – there will be an after workout gathering at Third Base (1717 W 6th) on Thursday (yes, this Thursday)!  What’s the occasion?  How about we celebrate life in general, the Sauvie Islanders, and Penny (and anyone else who’s run a race since our last gathering).

Run every chance you get!

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