Tuesday 11/25/2014

Reminder #1 – there will be NO WORKOUT on Thursday.  Check out twenty-six.two’s monster hill workout for a challenging alternative.

Reminder #2 – we still need 5 people to help out with our Decker water stop.  FIVE!  Don’t make me beg.  Email Evan and let’s close this bad boy out.

Reminder #3 – this coming Tuesday is the first Tuesday of December.  Dr. Jonathan from Performance Wellness will be at the track to fix whatever has you caddywhompus.

The Workout – 3 x 1600

News – there will be a long run departing the zero at 7:00:00 am on Saturday.  Mostly on the trail this week for 10 miles or 18 miles (10 mile loop plus the lollipop plus 2 x Wilke).  Breakfast at Don Dario’s (8801 I-35 S) whenever you get there.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Run every chance you get!

1 thought on “Tuesday 11/25/2014

  1. Just as an update to anyone wondering when you will be able to park in the lot at auditorium shores, here is the update you have been looking for.

    The Contractor has not been able to get his inspections from the City, but those should be cleared up the first week of December, then the construction fence comes down and you will be able to park in the lot again. Best guess is that it is open for December 6 workout, maybe a day or two sooner.

    The new water fountain station will not be finished for a while, but I heard that the old fountain will be working again when the water is turned on.

    Fingers crossed that everything falls into place.

    Trent Rush | Managing Principal | TEL 210-366-9933 | CEL 512-627-7609 | WEB http://www.tbg-inc.com | FILES transfer.tbg-inc.com

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