Thursday 2/26/2015

Next Tuesday is the first Tuesday of March.  First Tuesday means Dr. Jonathan from Performance Wellness will be in the house.  Bring what you got!

The Workout – tempo runs of 3.04 miles or 5.01 miles

News – there will be a long run departing the zero at 7:00:00 am on Saturday.  Off the trail this week for 10.09 miles.  There are three early options (all will be back to the zero by 7:00:00 am to join the group):

5:00:00 am – 10.09 miles run/walk at 11:30 per mile. Al et al.
5:20 am – 10 miles on the trail starting to the east from the zero at 8:45ish per mile.  Big et al.
5:55 am – 20 miles starting at the BREAKFAST PLACE w/ the first 7 miles at 8:10 per mile.  Kate et al.

The 10.09 mile route that the group is doing starting at 7:00:00 am will have water/Gatorade at the following locations:
Gatorade at Woodlawn/Palma Plaza (mile 2.5)
Gatorade at Expo/Mountain Laurel (mile 5)
Water at the Rock (mile 8)

Breakfast at El Borrego De Oro (3900 S Congress) at 9:00:01 am.

Run every chance you get!

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