Thursday 8/6/2015

A few notes for the new folks (and reminders for the not so new).  Note 1 – Cups.  Take a cup, use it, store it somewhere, use it again, restore it somewhere, use it again, and throw it away when you’re done.  The two most important things regarding cups are to use as few as possible and throw them away when it’s outlived its useful life.  Note 2 – Keys.  Keep your keys with you or find a spot to hide them.  We had an incident where someone’s keys were left in the truck during a track workout.  A perp walked up to the truck, pressed the unlock button on every key sitting there until a car responded, relieved the car of its contents (wallet, phone, etc…) and left undetected.  This occurred while we were just a few feet away.  Note 3 – Paces.  If you have your training plan already and are having trouble running the pace prescribed, worry not.  Remember, it’s a hundred degrees outside and it won’t be in February.  I may be hard to imagine, but it probably won’t be this hot in just a few short weeks.  The pace will still be challenging but you’ll find your way to it.  Thanks to Chelsea for reminding us of this happy fact!

The Workout – tempo runs of 3 miles or 5 miles

News – there will be a long run departing the zero at 7:00:00 am on Saturday morning.  On the trail this week for 4, 7, or 10 miles.  Coach Al needs a few more pace group leaders so please shoot him an email if you can lead a group!  Breakfast at Cafe Express (3418 N Lamar) at 8:59:59 am.

Run every chance you get!

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