Week of 3/15/2020

As most/all of you know via Coach Al’s email on the topic sent on Sunday, all Ship workouts are canceled until the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is contained. While we had hoped to reevaluate in April the city (effective today at noon) has banned gatherings of greater than 10 people through May 1st. So, like the rest of the world, we are now in “wait and see” mode as we all go about doing our part to contain this global pandemic.

We know that many of you will continue to run. You may even be tempted to show up at O. Henry on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Don’t. We received communication from AISD letting us know that all facility usage was to be curtailed effective immediately and through at least April 3rd. Please help us protect our long and carefully guarded relationship with the school by adhering to their wishes without exception.

Please join us on the Ship’s Strava site and post your workouts so you can continue to run with the group in the virtual world! We will continue to post what our workouts would have been in this format until we can reconvene and reminiscence about that time we couldn’t run together for a spell. Way to coach, Al!

Speedwork = 6 x 800. This can be done a number of ways in the absence of a track but could easily be integrated into any run of more than 3 miles by simply picking it up for a half mile at a time and then slowing down for a minute or so before picking it up again.

5 mile tempo run. This one doesn’t require much explanation…unless, of course, we want to debate exactly what constitutes a tempo run a la letsrun.com style! Please don’t.

10 mile long run. This will probably be the one that you’re most tempted to do with others. If you do, be sure to utilize all the best practices and guidance put forth by those with experience in such matters (less than 10 people, social distancing of 6 or more feet, don’t share water, etc…). Below is a good reference article coach sent out recently along with links to the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control.




Most importantly…run every chance you get (as long as you’re not endangering your life or the lives of those around you)!

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