Week of 6/13/2021

It’s that time of year…FINALLY! The first Thursday that it’s administratively feasible after the thermometer officially reads 100+ get ready for Ladera repeats/burgers (real and not)/pool at Chez Jerie. Details to follow…way to coach, Al!

Coach Al believes in democracy! If you have an idea for a long run route that meets the following criteria:
*Must start and end at the zero.
*Must be 10 – 12 miles.
*Must have a shorter version that is 6 – 8 miles with the at least the first 3 miles along the longer route.
*Turn-by-turn directions for each should be provided.
Let him know!

Tuesday – meet near O. Henry at 10th/Wayside at 6:00 pm and warm up with drills and whatnot…we’ll have water/Gatorade. Then run a timed mile, an Indian file mile, and an 800m. (Strava label = SPEED)

Thursday – meet near O. Henry at 10th/Wayside at 6:00 pm and warm up with drills and whatnot … we’ll have water/Gatorade. Then do a tempo run of 3 miles or 4 miles. (Strava label = TEMPO)

Saturday – there will be a long run departing from the ZERO MILE MARKER (676 W Riverside) at 7:00:00 am. OFF THE TRAIL this week for 6.62 miles or 10.75 miles. Too long? How about this 4.24 miler?. (Strava label = LONG)

Run every chance you get!

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