Tuesday 6/28/2011

Our thanks to coach Al for granting us yet another easy week whilst we attempt to acclimate to the new “normal”…100 degree days in June.  Cutting out the backwards really helped get us all through workout!  Way to coach, Al!!

The Workout – 42s (1 x 400, 1 x 200)
Beginners = 3
Fun Group = 4
Fast Group = 5
ARC Discount = 6+

We finished up with 3 person relays (1 complete lap each).

News – TMTG will be doing Scenic today departing the rock at 4ish.  There will be a Stampede at the lake tonight departing I-35ish at 7:00 pm.  There will be a hill workout on Thursday (repeats).  There will be a long run on Saturday departing the zero at 7:00:00 am.  In the hills this week for 10.71 miles.  If you want to do less you can cut this route straight across at Enfield for closer to 8 miles.  TMTG will be departing at 5:20:00 am for 20.49 miles.  There will be water/gatorade at the following locations:

Water @ the rock
Gatorade @ Enfield/Robin Hood (Big)
Gatorade @ Expo/35th (Amber)
Gatorade @ Bull Creek/Hancock (Al)
Gatorade @ N MoPac/N Hills (Al)
Water @ Lowes on Steck
Gatorade @ White Rock/Rickey (Al…frozen bottles, ORANGE!)
Gatorade @ Shoal Creek/45th (Allegra)
Gatorade @ Rio Grande/24th (Big)

If you want something in between 10.71 and 20.49 here are approximate cutoffs and distances:

45th = 12 miles
Hancock = 13 miles
2222 = 15 miles
Far West = 17.5 miles
Anderson Lane = 19.5 miles

Breakfast at Maria’s Taco Express at 9:12:13 am (or whenever you get there)!

Run every chance you get!

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