Thursday 7/14/2011

It was hot and a lot of people showed up.

The Workout – long hill/short hill (hammer up 11th from Possum Trot to Meriden, u-turn, come half way down, u-turn, hammer to the top again, left on Meriden to 12th, u-turn, right on 11th, back to the bottom = 1 set)

Beginners = 3 sets
Fun Group = 4 sets
Fast Group = 5 sets
ARC Discount Group = 6 sets

News – there will be a long run on Saturday departing the zero at 7:00:00 am.  Barton Hills Lollipop plus whatever trail you want to do (7 is the shortest…in case you’re wondering).  Breakfast at Little Mexico (2304 S 1st) at 8:55:55 am.

More News – Shakedown is playing in San Antonio on Saturday from 10 pm to 2 am at Franco Italian Grill (Grand Opening).  If you happen to be in San Antonio or want to make the pilgrimage south…get you some of that!  10003 NW Military Hwy.

Run every chance you get!

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