Thursday 5/17/2012

The Piss & Moan shirt has found its way back to the ship!  It mysteriously reappeared at the FREE breakfast at Sandy’s mansion a few weeks ago.  On Tuesday evening it was awarded to Amber for her steadfast grumbling during Coach Al’s brief but memorable absence.  Way to coach, Al!

The Workout – L-Shaped Relays – these are a three person relay done by having partners 1 and 3 a the bottom of the hill at 12th and Possum Trot and partner 2 at the top of the hill at 12th and Meriden.  Partner 1 runs up the hill and hands off to partner 2.  While partner 2 runs down the hill, partner 1 makes a right and continues to Meriden and 11th where they stop, turn around, and walk back to 12th and Meriden.  Partner 2 hands off to partner 3 at the bottom of the hill.  Partner 3 traces partner 1 steps while partner 2 makes a left and heads to 11th and Possum Trot.  Once there they stop, turn around, and walk back to 12th and Possum Trot.  This lovely dance is repeated until each person has run both UP and DOWN the hill (one set) for a total of 4 sets (fun) or 6 sets (fast).

News – there will be a long run on Saturday departing Brushy Creek at 7:30:00 am.  You should have already let Vance know if you’re planning on being there so that he can have enough FREE stuff for you to eat/drink when the run is over.  There will most likely be a small contingent of folks at the zero mark at 7:00:00 am on Saturday as well, they’ll be sticking to the trail for 4, 7, or 10.

More News – ARC Board elections are fast approaching!  If you or someone you know should be on the board you can nominate them by email.  Nominees will be placed on a ballot and voted on at the spring party on May 24th.  You can find info on positions and responsibilites by visting the ARC web site.

Run every chance you get!

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