Tuesday 1/14/2014

It’s time to cast your official ballot for Shipmate of the Year!  Please click here, type your name, your email address, who you’re nominating, and why.  One vote!

The Workout – 3 x 1600

News – there will be a hill workout on Thursday (full marathoners scheduled for a 10 mile tempo and will do the route as mapped twice, half marathoners are scheduled for a 4 mile tempo and will do the same route as mapped once and cut across at River Road…or do five).  There will be a long run departing the zero at 7:00:00 am Saturday.  On the trail this week for 15 miles (assuming you’re not running Houston, Louisiana, or 3M).  Breakfast TBA (but won’t be Dario’s).

Good luck to everyone doing Houston, Louisiana, and 3M!  Let’s see some PRs!!

Run every chance you get!

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