Thursday 7/17/2014

We’re just about there on volunteers for the marathon/half marathon recruitment drives.  Please help Coach Al fill in the blanks on the weekend of 8/2 – 8/3!

The Workout – 3 mile tempo (the double was eliminated due to the weather that was forecast to blow in…a lot of fools did it anyway…and then some did a triple)

News – there will be a long run departing the zero at 7:00:00 am Saturday morning.  Off the trail this week for 6.8 miles (the 10.17 mile route but cut over at Winsted just after mile 3) or 10.17 miles.  There will be water/Gatorade at the following spots:

Gatorade @ 24th/Rio Grande (2 miles – everybody)
Gatorade @ Expo/Greenlee (4 miles – 10.17 milers)
Water @ the boat docks (6 miles – 10.17 milers)
Water @ the rock (4 miles for the 6.8 milers and 8 miles for the 10.17 milers)

Breakfast at El Gallo (2910 S Congress) at 9:00:01 am.

Run every chance you get!

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