Tuesday 12/9/2014

It appeared as though Dr. Jonathan had his hands full with the post-Decker fallout.  Thank you, Dr. J and Performance Wellness!  It also appeared as though Decker was a success this year (again) with nearly 90% of the group raising their hands to indicate that they (a) ran the race and (b) PRd.  Way to coach, Al!  Way to go, ARC!

Mega thanks to Evan for taking the reins of the Ship water stop at Decker!

The Workout – 6 x 800

News – there will be a hill workout on Thursday (6 mile tempo – the linked route x 2).  Based on the barricades now in place around the track it may be touch and go for the next several weeks.  If you arrive on a Tuesday and the track is inaccessible, please refer to the contingency plan (proceed north on Expo to Bridle Path and go west).  If you arrive on a Thursday we should be able to convene in the parking lot and get the drills and tempo run done without much weeping/wailing/gnashing of teeth.  There will be a long run departing the zero at 7:00:00 am on Saturday.  On the trail this week for 8 miles or 13 miles.  8 milers can do the 7 mile loop and add a short out/back to the .5 (located just under the Lamar bridge) while the 13 milers can do the 10 mile loop plus the Colorado River extension through Roy G. Guerrero Park.  Breakfast at Hoover’s (2002 Manor) at 9:20:20 am.

More News – Christmas and New Years both fall on Thursdays.  There will be no regularly scheduled workout on either day.  On Christmas there will be a hilly tempo run at Sandy’s mansion at 4:00:00 pm followed by food/drink/white elephant gift exchange.  On New Years there are many Black Eyed Pea runs that will help you get your year started off right.  Do one!

Run every chance you get!

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