Thursday 8/27/2015

This coming Tuesday, September 1st, is the first Tuesday of the month.  Dr. J from Performance Wellness will be at the workout.  Show him what you got!

The following Tuesday, September 8th, we will be joined by folks from TomTomRollerTek and nuun.  Thank you Austin Runners Club!

Speaking of ARC, the Decker Half Marathon price goes up $10 before the end of this month.  ARC members also get a $10 discount.  Best deal on a half marathon in town…maybe any town!

The Workout – tempo runs of 3 miles (turn around at the cooler), 4 miles (turn around at the first Mt. Laurel) or 5 miles

News – there will be a long run departing the zero at 7:00:00 am Saturday morning.  Off the trail this week for 11.25 miles or 6 miles (u-turn at Windsor/Harris).  There will be gatorade at the following spots:

24th/Rio Grande – mile 2
Expo/Mt. Laurel – mile 4.5
Shoal Creek/41st – mile 7
24th/Rio Grande – mile 9

Since everyone will be passing the 24th and Rio Grande stop twice I will put an enormous amount of liquid there.  Breakfast at Cheko’s (1304 Koenig) at 9:09:09 am.  There will be cake for August birthdays!

Run every chance you get!

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