Tuesday 9/22/2015

There was an official O. Henry football game in progress at workout time and the group followed the contingency plan like a boss!  Way to coach, Al…and way to head north on Expo and west on Bridle Path, gang!!

The Workout – 800s
Fast/Marathon Group = 6
Fun/Half Marathon Group = 5

News – there will be a hill workout on Thursday (5 mile tempo).  There will be a long run departing the zero at 7:00:00 am on Saturday morning.  Off the trail this week for 6.17 miles or 11.3 miles (both linked routes combined).  There will be Gatorade at Ben White between Congress and S 1st, 24th/Rio Grande, and ice cold water from the NEW fountains at the zero.  Breakfast at Cheko’s (1304 Koenig Lane) with FREE CAKE for September birthdays at 9:10:10 am!!

More News – there will be a happy hour at La Mancha (2203 Hancock) AFTER Thursday’s workout.  Yes, THIS THURSDAY!  Lots to celebrate.  Penny and Boz PRing and BQing at Tunnel Lite, Al & Sandy running ridiculously down the Center of the Nation, and some stuff I’m probably forgetting but will remember by then (and then forget again).  Please let our delightful social coordinator know if you plan on being there.

Run every chance you get!

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