Thursday 10/22/2015

It’s a good thing we don’t cancel workouts based on weather forecasts!  As usual, the doomsayers were spewing what might keep you tuned in as opposed to what might keep you tuned up.  Way to coach, Al!!

The Workout – tempo runs of 5 miles or 4 miles…4 milers turn back at the water cooler

News – there will be a long run on Saturday morning departing from the zero at 7:00:00 am.  Off the trail this week for 13 miles or 7 miles (turn right off Expo at Windsor to Rio Grande).  There will be water/gatorade at the following spots:

water @ the rock
gatorade @ Expo/Windsor (7 milers turn right, 13 milers continue on Expo)
gatorade @ Balcones/Mt. Bonnell
gatorade @ Hancock/Shoal Creek
gatorade @ Rio Grande/29th

Breakfast at El Mercado (1302 S 1st) at 9:15:15 am.

More News – Don’t be fooled by imitation volunteer opportunities!  Aboard the Ship there are only a couple of closely guarded ones that earn you immediate cred.  One, if not the top, is our annual water stop at Decker.  You should have received an email from Boz alerting you of this within the last few days.  If you’re not running Decker…you should consider helping out at the water stop.  The race is December 6th at 8 am but volunteers will report at 7 am.  We typically take the first stop (mile 2, before the runners have had a chance to really spread out).  That also means you can be done relatively early.  Please email Boz and let him know if you can help out.  Your access to gatorade and water and cups and camaraderie may very well count on it (ok, it doesn’t…but I’m watching you nonetheless).

Run  every chance you get!

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