Thursday 6/7/2018

Thanks to Dr. J from Performance Wellness for braving the heat and working some fools over!

Thanks, also, to Austin Runners Club for having the folks from Austin Trail Running Company out with some Hokas to demo (and the raffle and the ICE CREAM)!!

Remember, this coming Tuesday is the second Tuesday of June which can only mean one thing…HAPPY HOUR!  Please let Heather know if you’ll be joining us at La Mancha.

The Workout – big finish 800s
Fun Group = 4
Fast Group = 6
Fools Group = 10

News – there will be a long run departing the zero at 7:00:00 am Saturday morning.  Off the trail this week for 11.07 miles.  You can turn around at the boat docks for 8ish.  If 4 sounds even better just run to the rock and back.  There will be liquids at the following locations:

Water @ the start – fountain
Water @ the rock – fountain
Water @ the boat docks – fountain
Gatorade @ Cherry/Rockmoor – cooler
Water @ Pecos/35th – faucet/dry cleaners
Gatorade @ Expo/Mt. Laurel – cooler
Water @ Expo/Westover – fountain/Shell Station
Water @ the rock – fountain
Water @ the finish – fountain

Breakfast at Rudy’s (3914 N Lamar) at 9:15:15 am.

Run every chance you get!

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