Tuesday 7/17/2018

I’ve been curious what y’all think about the move of the workout reports from the day of/after to the day before.  Hit the poll below and let me know.  Thanks!

The Workout – 400m repeats, 2 x 3-person relay, twice around…backwards on the straights/jog the curves
Fun Group = 5 x 400 (plus the relay and the cool down)
Fast Group = 7 x 400 (plus the relay and the cool down)

News – there will be a hill workout on Thursdays (repeats?).  There will be a long run departing the zero at 7:00:00 am on Saturday morning.  It will, however, not be finishing at the zero.  The run will finish at The Loop not too far from where we would normally finish.  You do NOT have to be a member of ARC to attend though we encourage fools to join.  The routes are 7.00 miles and 10.31 miles.  Please let the fine folks at The Loop know you’ll be there so they can gather enough FREE breakfast for us!

Run every chance you get!

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