Week of 1/27/2019

This is the last Tuesday of January so the next Tuesday is the first Tuesday of February.  Dr. J from Performance Wellness will be at the workout treating your pre-marathon ailments (real or imagined) with FREE active release.

Coach Al needs YOU to lead a pace group Saturday morning!  Please let him know if you’re available to assist.  Just two more, two.

No, you were not snubbed for the marathon party on Friday, February 15th…the invite hasn’t gone out just yet.  A couple of things to keep in mind about the party:
– there are 781 email addresses on the list and that many people can’t fit in Jerie’s house
– the party will be limited to the first 70 fools who RSVP and that will most likely occur within hours of it being sent
– though the invite will have the standard yes/no/maybe options a maybe is really a no (because if you check maybe the party will fill up and you’ll be unable to change to a yes at that point)
– you can bring your spouse/partner/significant other and/or child but they’ll displace a fool so use your best judgment there
– you do not have to be running the marathon on Sunday to come to the party
– most importantly…we will be crowning Shipmate of the Year

Tuesday – 8 x 800

Thursday – 5 mile tempo

Saturday – there will be a long run departing the zero at 7:00:00 am Saturday morning.  Off the trail this week for 13.19 miles (starting with this 6.17 miler and finishing with this 7.02 miler).  There will be Gatorade on Ben White between Congress/S 1st and on Barton Hills at the bottom of Wilke as well as water at the zero at the start/rough middle/end.  Breakfast at El Borrego de Oro (3900 S Congress) at 9:25:25 am.

Run every chance you get!

1 thought on “Week of 1/27/2019

  1. Good afternoon,
    I’d like to be added to a potential marathon on the Ship’s site that’s not already listed. The Tunnel Vision Marathon (part of the series) in Seattle. It’s August 18th and if you can get me added you can list me as Nick with the email nickswoe@hotmail.com.


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