Week of 12/22/2019

Mega, mega thanks to everyone who has generously given to the Ship via ATX Runners! Keep ’em coming!!

Tuesday – being Christmas Eve and all the regular Tuesday evening workout will be replaced with a Tuesday morning tempo run of 5.5 miles with a Christmas bonus of .07 miles tacked onto the end. 7:00 am at O. Henry. Way to coach, Al!

Thursday – 1000m repeats of the hilly variety
Marathoners = 5
Half Marathoners = 4

Saturday – the Saturday morning long run will NOT be departing the zero at 7:00:00 am. It will instead be departing Sandy’s mansion at 7:00:00 am for 8.04 miles or 10.09 miles. Some of your schedules call for a 14 miler which you can accomplish by adding this 4.06 miler to the 10.09 miler (the .15 mile Christmas bonus is FREE). Free breakfast at the mansion following the run including breakfast tacos, casseroles, donuts/pastries, coffee, OJ, and perhaps a cold beer if you know where to look. There will also be a white elephant gift exchange. Participation is completely voluntary. If you’d like to participate simply bring a gift valued at $0 – $10 and you’re in!

Run every chance you get!

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