Week of 5/15/2022

No need to SAVE THE DATE because the date of the Ladera repeats and pool party at Chez Jerie is this Thursday! See below for details.

Don’t forget our monthly happy hour at La Mancha after Tuesday’s workout. Please let Julie know if you’re planning to attend. And mega thanks to Julie for keeping the drink inflation down to $1!! Oh, and Brandon too.

Tuesday – meet near O. Henry at 10th/Wayside for an easy 1 mile warm up before the drills which begin at 6:00 pm…we’ll have water available. Then run in/outs for 26 continuous minutes (where each “in” is striding on 9th and 10th and each “out” is jogging Wayside and Possum Trot. Cool down with an easy mile. Then happy hour!

Thursday – meet at Chez Jerie for a quick warm up jog to Far West/Ladera Norte for drills at 6:30 pm…we’ll have water available (among other things). Then run Ladera Norte repeats (quality workout), followed by beer, burgers (or veggie burgers), and a cool down in the pool (currently registering 81 degrees). Let Big know if you’re planning to attend (along with your desire to partake of a veggie burger) by Wednesday at 4:00 pm so groceries can be procured!

Saturday – there will be a long run departing from the zero mile marker at 7:00:00 am. Off the trail this week for 12.02 miles, 10.00 miles, 7.03 miles, or 4.61 miles. Breakfast at El Borrego de Oro (3900 S Congress) when you come busting through the saloon doors wild west style.

Run every chance you get!

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