Thursday 8/26/2010

A small but cuddly and lovable group gathered for a refreshing 3-mile tempo workout tonight. With the voice of Coach Al being channeled through the body of a small, Asian woman, the ship sailed under the light breeze of the cold front that moved in this week. Way to enjoy the cooler weather, Ship!!

There will be a long run on Saturday departing the zero at 7:00:00 am.  Lollipop plus whatever trail you want to add.  There will be Gatorade at Fast Jack’s.  There is a group leaving early for an extra lollipop at 5:45:00 am.

Run every chance you get, and KICK BUTT every chance you get, team Eisenbahn!!!


1 thought on “Thursday 8/26/2010

  1. Way to coach, C/M!

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